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Ten steps for a successful Community of Practice

This booklet is designed for initiators, organisers and facilitators of Communities of Practice (CoP). Potential participants can also read this booklet to get an impression of what a CoP is.

A wealth of knowledge about CoPs is available in books and on the internet. However, we found little to no information on how to set up your own CoP from start to finish. Who do you ask to participate? How do you ensure that you’re actually developing something new? Perhaps these questions require a tool that is used precisely when written guidelines are not enough. Still, we decided to write this booklet. It describes the elements that we believe belong in a CoP and should be included in its preparation. We provide guidelines and ask questions. We list the ingredients, so to speak, but do not give a recipe. The booklet is intended as an invitation to develop your own suitable format based on these ingredients.

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